Staff Introduction

Head Teacher

辻本 義輝

Education: Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University Faculty of Sociology
Work experience:
Public school teacher (37 years)
Japanese language school instructor / principal (history)
Temporary lecturer at Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China

It is our educational philosophy to value all students.

Specialized Teacher

大倉 瑠美

Education: Graduated from Osaka University Graduate School
Work experience: (Domestic) Japanese language school, vocational school, University, company in-house training, etc.
(Overseas) University lecturer (China)

 My hobby is traveling. I have lived abroad for work, and I have visited various places on a trip. At that time, I was really happy when I was able to talk to the local people using the language of the country I learned. What is the purpose of studying Japanese? Please use the Japanese you studied in Japan to interact with various people and broaden your horizons.

Specialized Teacher

野口 千恵子

Education: Graduated from Tezukayama Gakuin University
Work experience: Lecturer at Japanese School (Japan, China)、University Lecturer(Japan)

 I also have experience studying abroad. I understand both the difficulty and fun of living and studying away from your country and family. I will do my best together so that you can enjoy studying in Japan and realize your dreams for the future.

Specialized Teacher

榊原 健司

学歴: 大阪工業大学 卒業 Education:
Graduated from Osaka Institute of Technology
Work experience: (Domestic) Japanese language school instructor
(Overseas) Japanese language school instructor (China)

 Why do you study Japanese? "I like Japanese," "I want to go to a Japanese university," "I want to work in Japan," and "I want to talk to Japanese people." I think there are many things, but the most important thing is a strong feeling. If you have a strong feeling, it will work!
I look forward to seeing you and your strong feelings! !! !!

Specialized Teacher

喜多 志保美

Education: Graduated from Osaka City University
Work experience: Japanese language school instructor

 There are many special words and expressions in Japanese. So you have to practice a lot to be able to use it well. However, if I can communicate with various people using Japanese, I'm sure I'll be happy and studying Japanese will become more and more fun.
If you practice hard, you will definitely get better. Let's work hard together!

Specialized Teacher

Graduated from Kansai Gaidai University

 I hope to be able to enjoy studying Japanese with everyone who is studying abroad in Japan. I look forward to having fun talking with you on the Japanese.

Chief Administrative Officer

Education: Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University
There is a saying, "If you enter the township, you will follow the township." I know it's hard to live in a new environment, but please don't hesitate to come and talk to us. I am sure that your many years of studying abroad and living in Japan will be useful to you. In order to realize my dreams for the future, Ebisu Japanese school is always behind me.

Office (Admissions Responsibility)

Education: Graduated from Osaka Seikei University

 I'm Tsuneko Saiko, the chief of the Japanese language school. The road of Senri also starts from one step. Don't worry about future difficulties. Because we move forward side by side with you and struggle together. Whenever you pursue your dreams and follow the path of realizing your dreams, we will do our best positively. Everything is ready at our school. We welcome your admission at any time.


林 蓓

Education: Graduated from Hagoromo University of International Studies

 Hello! I'm Ryo Hayashi from the Ebisu Japanese Language School Office. I came to Japan as an international student during the cherry blossom season in 2003. Through my university internship and 12 years of working life, I was able to get used to Japanese culture and life. I hope this experience will be useful to everyone who is studying in Japan.
Let's do our best with the teachers of Ebisu Japanese Language School to realize your dreams! !!



Education: Osaka College of Biometics

 As an international student, when I came to Japan, I had a lot of difficulties. I got a part-time job at the factory without knowing Japanese. I couldn't hear the Japanese people, I didn't understand the guidance of the manager, and there were times when I was scolded. So, I got up with a strong will in my heart and studied Japanese desperately. Once you get used to life in Japan, you'll have lots of fun. Rest assured that I will do my best to help you with my knowledge and experience! !! !!