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Self-study room




Leisure room 1

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Leisure room 2

Convenient Dormitory

The dormitory is located near the school and puts the needs of the students first. If you apply in advance, you can move in immediately. The student dormitory is fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom for 1 or 2 people per room. The dormitory has a comfortable environment and the rooms are large and bright. Since it is located in Osaka city, it takes 15 minutes and 20 minutes to reach the school by bicycle, and transportation is extremely convenient even if you go to other places.

Since it is a student dormitory managed directly by the school, you can move in with peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Expense Statement
Item Amount
Tenant fee 20,000 yen
Facility fee 30,000 yen
1 months rent 30,000 yen
1 year(12 months)Total 410,000 yen
Contract Term: 1 year
Other Expenses: Except for the above expenses, the resident will be responsible for the monthly electricity, water and gas charges.